Last night I was ready to call it a night and cuddle with the pup, do some reading, and catch up on sleep with a 9:00 pm bed time.  Then I got a text from one of the students I tutor asking if I could come over at 9 for last minute review.  Given that the school year is coming to an end and thus this source of income, I agreed to meet up.  The stroll to her house gave me a bit of energy and when I got home I ended up squeezing in a short workout.  Unfortunately during this time the dog decided to go through the trash and drink the water she had ignored all day which resulted in me cleaning up an accident first thing in the morning.

While I was less than excited about getting up an hour earlier than planned, the surprise forced me to do some laundry and giver her a bath, 2 task that I’ve been putting off for about a week.

I spent the rest of the morning setting up flights and housing for a workshop and conference I’ll be attending next month. Around 12 the sun came out and I got to enjoy it a little with a walk to lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in quite some time. We went to Le Pain Quotidien where I originally wanted to order the vegetarian quiche but found out that it included tomatoes, so I went with the vegetable quiche instead.  Still good and I was excited to see the cantaloupe, but I really wanted the other, stupid allergy.

Okay, off to workout so I can get to bed early tonight, I would really like to get in 7 hours tonight.



This week’s workouts

Sunday-Active rest

Monday-Insanity and weights (bicep/triceps)

Tuesday-Insanity and bodyrock

Wednesday-Insanity or spin, weights (back)

Thursday-Physique 57 if I get off the waitlist if not try for barre assets in PM, weights (chest)

Friday-Spin or Insanity, weights (legs)

Saturday-Core fusion and Insanity