Hey all,

After putting 46,000+ steps on my feet yesterday from a walk downtown, insanity, and a night of dancing I was excited to have today as a day of rest.  Though I’m already at 17,000 steps for the day and still need to take the pup on a long walk to help her get rid of her energy, but that’s why it’s “active rest.”

This week’s workouts are a bit longer but I’ll be away the following 2 weeks and have no clue how much time I’ll have to dedicate to runs and I would like to start building up my mileage again.

Sunday-Active Rest

Monday-Insanity, weights biceps and triceps

Tuesday-Core fusion+run

Wednesday-Insanity and/or spin, weights chest

Thursday-Core fusion+run

Friday-Insanity and/or spin, weights shoulder/back

Saturday- Insanity

And leaving you with “Feel the Love” by Rudimental, love this video