I definitely have a love hate relationship with the city.  Lately it has been mostly love.  And love by taking in the little things in life.

Such as dog walkers.  For one I get a kick out of watching little dog butts-I know weird, but it brings me joy. Secondly, I’m impressed by the humans.  How in the world do you manage walking 5 dogs at once?  One dog is often enough especially when a bird gets her attention.

I also love public transportation.

Walking everywhere-it makes active rest days much easier to keep active.

Discovering new little hideaways in the city with friends.

And finally, I love overhearing or catching a part of a conversation or watching a special (maybe intimate) moment-I mean we all must have that a little right? Hence the reason for the obsession with reality shows.  Though my love can quickly turn to hate when it involves a lengthy cell phone conversation in a public place.  When you’re with another person one on one you tend to speak a something slightly over a whisper, but once on the phone its like people forget that we can hear you. But, it’s all about love today.