Yesterday’s early wake up+ champagne and ice cream cake to celebrate weddings in the lab + postponed evening plans=nap time!

I seriously crashed when I got home yesterday evening, though I blame the afternoon festivities more than the morning workout.  When I work up I still wasn’t incredibly hungry so I ate some chicken and kale chips. Exciting, I know!

I spy a dog looking for veggie droppings…she actually really likes her dark greens.

About 30 minutes later hunger actually hit, weird, so I had a bowl of kashi go lean and granola with milk and a few chocolate chips for good measure.

This morning I was up early for my last day of tutoring at a local high school.  More or less I’ve volunteered every Wednesday morning of the calender school year at 7:15 am.  I’m going to miss the people that I’ve met over the last 4 years. I also enjoyed the perspective that tutoring at a catholic school that serves girls coming from lower income families compared to the private school students I have tutored for a fee.

As a goodbye present the school’s coordinator gave me a beautiful thank you card, a chocolate, and a hat with the school’s name.

I have a spin class planned for tonight and then meeting up with some other CSA volunteers (my CSA starts next Tuesday-so excited, though also bittersweet because again 99% sure it’ll be my last year).

For now it’s experiment time!