Hey all-

Welcome to Philly for the week!  I’m here for a Stress conference and arrived a day early in order to meet up with friends and see some family.

I started the day with a nice bowl of oatmeal and an insanity workout and then met a friend at Reading Terminal Market for lunch.  I originally had plans to try out a new vegetarian restaurant, but passing by the food didn’t look so tasty so I decided on the oyster bar instead.

I ordered the blue fish which came with a steamed vegetable and coleslaw. In reality that meant canned string beans and coleslaw. The fish was pretty bland and had obviously been sitting under a hot lamp for sometime and again the beans were canned.  Not my favorite meal, thankfully the company was wonderful!  We ended up chatting at the restaurant for 3 hours before making our way to Rittenhouse and talking for another hour.

I said goodbye to Sonia and hello to my friend Erica.  We met up at Rouge along Ritten house and I grabbed a glass of Melbac and decided to keep food light since it felt like I had just ate.  I ended up ordering a beet and arugula salad with goat cheese bites.

This was amazing!! Seriously, love.

Erica had the garlic shrimp.

I came home and chatted with Amanda while nibbling on party mix, I never buy the stuff myself, I’m so easily addicted to snacks. Alright, time for bed.  I’m meeting an old friend for coffee, my grandmother for lunch, and the opening night of my conference.



PS. They just opened up a Shake Shack in Philadelphia, makes me feel like I’m home in New York, line and all!