University city has really come along since I lived there 4 summers ago.  The number of food trucks and carts lining Walnut st has tripled and Drexel has done a fantastic job in developing Market st.

I still have no intention on moving back any day, but its fun to visit and explore new (to me) restaurants and BYOBs.

Margarita and unpictured tacos from el Rey’s happy hour:

Lunch at White Dog Cafe-I went here last year and loved their menu!  I suggested the cafe to a coworker who eats organically and locally produced foods.

We started by sharing the hummus plate:

For my entree I ordered the calamari salad:

My final meal of the week was at Local 44, a beer bar. I was planning to have a salad or something along those lines, thinking what a corner pub might serve.  I was surprised to see they had a rather extensive and unique menu, especially for a bar!

I ordered the spinach and artichoke vegan mac’n’cheese, and was quite pleased. It was still creamy but not extremely rich, which generally keeps me from eating more than a few bits of regular mac’n’cheese.

And while I had fun eating my way through Philly last week, I was super excited to dine on vegetables on Saturday.

Ryan made a slow roasted salmon with a beet and kohlrabi salad, and a side of sauteed kohlrabi and summer squash.  I was about ready to OD on vegetables, they were all fantastic and so naturally sweet.

Served along with this cute bottle of chardonnay.

I look forward to being able to get my CSA goods next week, though I must admit Ryan’s loot, at least this time of year, is much better than what my farmers provide.  This week, which I will be missing, is all greens!  Though, the scapes and spinach would make a nice pesto and I heart swiss chard!!

Red Lettuce-1 head
Green Lettuce-1 head
Arugula-1 bunch
Bright Lights Swiss Chard-1 bunch
Summer Spinach-1 bunch
Mustard Greens-1 bunch
Mizuna-1 bunch
Chinese Cabbage-1 head