This week I feel like an undergraduated student, and I’m loving every moment of it, from the quads (which I never really had at NYU, well we had Washington Sq Park), to the dorm room, to my lecture style workshop. Life just seems simpler, and I’m able to get so much more reading done.  There also seems to be more time in the day.

The one downside to staying in a dorm, the high school football camp which overlaps with my workshop.  There are so many adolescent boys looking me up and down-CREEPY!  Not to mention their screaming and need to run everywhere in packs, especially for food.  It’s one time of day they don’t notice anyone’s presence.   Though I would also be running not only for food but for air conditioning after practicing in this weather.  After a 2 mi walk this afternoon I was ready to pass out.

On day one I came across a replicate of “The cube” found at Astor Place.  I was introduced to the NYC sculpture, actually called “Alamo” in Astor Place during my orientation at NYU.  Oh the memories.

I wonder what it would have been like to go undergraduate school here in Michigan?  What type of person would I be?  Where would I be? Well 2 more days and I’ll be back to the hustle and bustle of New York, my real world.

Before heading out for the conference this morning I stretched out to a 30 minute mybarre3 workout and the following interval workout:

I was able to bang it out in 14 minutes and 13.7 seconds, which I was a bit disappointed in…the 30 burpees in the beginning and balance work at the end slowed me down.  I’ve also been slacking this last week on the cardio so no surprise it was hard!

My goal for next week, beat this time!