I’m one week into my free 15 day mybarre3 membership.  The site consists of videos ranging from 10-60 minute workouts with various focuses-core, arms, legs, butt, stretch,etc.  The videos are very similar to the barre method classes the I described a few weeks ago, but seem to have a heavier emphasis on the yoga aspects.

I’ve done about 1 video/day mostly on the shorter side, one 60 minute video, and while I find them pretty good-any of the videos that include leg exercises generally get my legs to shake a significant amount, but nothing like the studio classes themselves. Likely beacuse I’m not able to push myself as well as a physical teacher or other students can motivate me.

I’ll continue to explore the site for the next 8 days but not 100% that I’ll join after my free trial ends.  It would be a cheaper way to get in the classes but I really do like the motivation as well as proper positioning that the hand-ons teacher provides.  All the same, it’s nice to know that an affordable option is available as well as a great option to have while away.