Happy Friday! One last morning session and then it’s back to the big apple!!

After two weeks of information overload my head is spinning and I have a lot of material to go through and lots to read!  That said I don’t want the summer to fly by without being able to enjoy a decent amount of sun and warm weather. In order to balance work and play I decided to create a summer bucket list!

-go to an amusement park

-picnic in central park

-outdoor concert

-outdoor dance performance

-BBQ in my patio area

-increase my running mileage to 8 miles (run at least 8 miles once a week but the end of the summer)

-see fireworks

-night boat cruise

-outdoor happy hour

-go to the beach

-attend a music festival

-read 6 non-science books (both nonfiction but also economy related, social justice, etc.)

-get fellowship applications together

-write introduction and conclusion of thesis and have a decent outline of the in between

Ok, I’m sure I’m missing something in this list, but it’ll do for now.