Happy Friday!  Any big plans for the weekend? Going to see Magic Mike?

No, me neither.  I was originally going home for the weekend but those plans fell through so I’m considering visiting a friend in New Haven, but may just as well enjoy a summer weekend in New York and catch up with friends. That and work, womp, womp.

I also have some serious vegetables I need to get through.  I’ve only made a dent into this week’s CSA share and then I ended up taking Ryan’s as well since his share is a bit more diverse and gives me a means to use my salad greens.

Salad inspirations from my time in Michigan last week-

Berry, apple, goat cheese, with grilled chicken:

Thai salad w/ edamame and red peppers:

A better source of inspiration would probably be from my dinner last night at Hearth, which I’m still drooling over.  I was treated to the 7 course set menu, which was absolutely amazing.  I didn’t end up taking any pictures and instead enjoyed my company, food, wine, and the entertainment-we had seats at the kitchen and were able to watch the cooks in action and were served most often by the executive chef Marco Canora.

He looked ridiculously familiar and then after a little research I realize I’ve seen him on the Today show.

Catch ya later,