Ahh, we’re already in July, I pretty sure yesterday was June 1st, no?

How are the east-coasters handling the latest heat wave?  Yesterday, I thought with an early start I would be able to squeeze in an outdoor run, but after walking into the thick humidity to take out Mei, I decided that a treadmill run was in order.  So after a nice stretch from core fusion I headed straight to the gym and ran a lovely 5 miles under a 9 minute pace.  I’m pretty sure that never would have happened if I was outside! Even in the gym I could feel the heat and humidity, but honestly I find that easier than the cold.  Although I stopped after 5 miles,  I could have banged out another 2 miles, but didn’t want to push the knee once again.  For now I’ll keep my longest runs to 5 maybe 6 miles and get my pace closer to 8:30.  I’ll save 7/8/9 mile runs for August.

Now that I’m running longer distances once again I created a new running playlist-something else I’ve missed from my longer runs- mindlessly zoning out or mindlessly listening and following a beat. Plus it made me update my itunes library :).

Click for enlargement.

Tentative workout schedule for the week:



Tuesday-run/weights, mybarre3

Wednesday-insanity, weights

Thursday-mybarre3 or core fusion


Saturday-5 mi run/core fusion