Hey all,

Hope you had a Happy 4th of July!! I’m so off right now, yesterday definitely felt like a Saturday which made today’s 5:50 am wake up call much more brutal. A strong cup of green helped and I was basically good to go.

How did you spend the holiday?  I had plans of laying on the beach and reading all day.  But when I woke up to walk Mei it was raining.  The forecast called for clouds and possible t-storms all afternoon so my friend cancelled beach plans.  I didn’t want to make the trek on my own so I opted to have a lazy day around Manhattan and took the pup to the park.

It also never rained and was in fact hot and sunny all day.  Ahh one day I’ll learn to stop listening to the weathermen.

In the evening I went to a friend’s apartment on the west-side which came with an AMAZING view of the fireworks!!! and delicious BBQ.

One nice thing about a holiday in the middle of the week, just 2 more days before the weekend!