Though honestly this week wasn’t so bad thanks to the nice holiday in the middle, and I’m fairly happy with the progress I’ve made with some writing, though much more is needed.  I was also given a great travel opportunity which I will share in greater detail in the coming weeks.

But first to my ZWOW #22 time. 2 weeks ago I completed workout #22 for time and finished in a little over 14 minutes.  This morning I revisited the routine to see if I could improve on my time.  When reviewing the tutorial I realized I did the exercise incorrectly my first go around.  I wasn’t suppose to do 30 straight burpees but do 4 at the beginning of each minute while completing 30 reps of the 5 other exercises illustrated.  With this correction to the workout I figured I would have no problem crushing my time.  I was correct, but I not only shaved off 4 minutes I actually ended up doing more burpees this way around, with a total of 40 completed in the 10 minutes.  The difference, I really pushed with the other exercises in order to get in as many as possible before I had to do another set of burpees.  In the end I was so proud of my time and dripping in sweat!!

Backing up a bit, last night I met up with Crissy for dinner.  It was such an unexpected surprise to see her!  She recently started her residency program and I thought for sure she would be MIA for the next year. So glad I have friends who have a work/life balance 🙂

We met up at Southern Hospitality and enjoyed “ladies night,” i.e. extended happy hour for the ladies. I had a Chardonnay, she a hurricane, and an order of fried pickles.

For my entree I kept it light with a grilled shrimp salad, though I nibbled on some of Crissy’s sweet potato fries as well.

It was so great catching up. I guess it had only been 2 weeks, but it felt like so much longer, so much happening in life on both sides!

Talk to you later,


PS. Follow South Hospitality on twitter, get their word of the day to present to your waiter and get 10% off the bill!!

PPS. Look what finally came in the mail.

Yay to summer music festivals!!  Fingers crossed for good weather!!!