Have you melted yet this weekend?!?! I did, but I was at the beach so I didn’t care so much ;).

But then I came home to this little girl who decided she is a fan of kind bars like her mom, ie. she got to my bag of them-I didn’t have time to to put them away before running out to meet a friend.  She ate 3/5 :(.  Which equaled a very made mommy, kind bars are not cheap!!

Does she look sorry?

Workout schedule for the week will probably look something like the below.  I think I keep about 70% on track, but it’s to give me motivation more than anything.

Sunday-3.5 mi run and spin class

Monday-mybarre3, weights

Tuesday-Insanity and weights

Wednesday-Spin or run and weights

Thursday-mybarre 3 and long run

Friday-Insanity and bodyrock