A-The Arctic Monkeys, my favorite band duh!

B-Bananas, they give me potassium for muscle recovery and make smoothies that much sweeter.

C-Crunch, every city should have one, they offer the best classes!

D-Dogs, because my little one is soon going from puppy to dog, she grew up so fast!

E-Exhale spa, I wish I could afford to go on a regular basis, love core fusion and the facilities are beautiful!

F-Friends and family, need I say more?


H-Honey, a great natural sweetener.

I-Insanity, I’m addicted.

J-Jumping rope, such a good exercise.

K-Kisses 🙂

L-Luck, I believe.

M-My Mom mom, she has had a large part in shaping the woman I am today.

N-New York City, it’s been such a large part of my life.

O-Oxygen, couldn’t breathe without it.


Q-Quivering, surprisingly or maybe not so much a very strong emotion.

R-Retreats, everyone needs bonding time away from the usual pace of life.

S-Smiling, you can never do enough of it.

T-Traveling, so much of the world to see.

U-Under the stars, okay, I’m cheating some with this one, but I do love a dark night and star gazing.

V-Volunteer work, it has been a huge part of my life and has shaped some of my goals in life.

W-Wine, it makes food that much better.

X-xylophones, always wanted to play one.

Y-Yogurt, especially greek.

Z-Zzz’s, sleep is so good :).