Hey bloggies,

I’m in love with this week’s CSA share.  It was the first week with fruit and the colors came in full force.

The veggie share wasn’t bad either with my last week of lettuce (while I’m glad to have a bit more diversity I wish we would have a little more throughout the season), spinach, beets, scallions, summer squash, parsley, and okra.

One vegetable our farm doesn’t produce is corn.  It sucks out too many nutrients from the soil and just doesn’t provide that big of a payoff.  In reality that makes me feel a little guilty for buying it, especially because our country produces and uses it at unhealthy levels.  At the same time, I don’t eat or drink many products laced with corn syrup, so a couple of heads here and there aren’t really the issue. Besides, it makes for a great flavored ice cream!

In the latest issue of Eating Well, they had a recipe for a healthier sweet corn ice cream.  I was intrigued and thought I would give it a try.

The end result was a velvety smooth ice cream with a hint of sweet corn.  It was very refreshing and I wouldn’t hesitate to make it again!