I need some wake up music this Friday morning, how about you?

In other news, I headed to Little Italy last night for a friend’s birthday dinner.  Little Italy is full of touristy restaurants offering subpar Italian food, for the most part. However, dinner last night was a gem.  We went to Mulberry Project, a speakeasy style restaurant offering bespoke (personalized) drinks.

While waiting for the birthday girl and other guest I ordered a drink.  I told the bartender I wanted a take on a pisco sour.  He turned around one with peach and cherry.  It was a decent drink, but I think I’ve had more original take on a pisco sour.

When guest arrived we headed to the outdoor area and started by sharing some truffle fries.

For my main dish I ordered an additional appetizer, the seared scallops with sweet corn puree.

Overall, I loved the atmosphere of Mulberry Project.

I would suggest checking it out, especially if you’re in Little Italy.  However, while I was originally smitten I’m not so sure I’ll go back.  There are now several other similar styled restaurants in the city that do drinks better.

But all in all a good night.