Hey all-

Such a fun weekend full of great times with friends and family.  Friday I went to see the Philharmonic in Central Park and Saturday headed home for a friend’s engagement party.  Sunday I came home, ran 4.5 miles, cooked, and collapsed while watching 10 Things I Hate About You, one of my favorite movies!!

My eats were random this past week, but that’s nothing new ;).

I was all about using blueberries in everything last week.  When I saw HowSweet’s blueberry cheese dip, I was about in heaven.  Unfortunately I didn’t have enough blueberries on hand, so I improvised with this open face blueberry and cheese sandwich.

Warm blueberries with melted cheese and a side salad featuring additional berries, made for a perfect mid-afternoon lunch.

Later in the week I was able to make a dent into my summer squash stash with an “impasta” dish from Peasandthankyou.

And finally on Sunday I used about half of my okra by frying it with sweet potatoes and peppers.

The okra accompanied the potatoes nicely and didn’t become the least bit soggy.  How do you like okra?  I’m getting more from my CSA this week and want to play around with some other recipes.

Catch ya later,