My goal for this year, well really by my tough mudder in October is to be able to do 2 simultaneous pull ups.  Since the middle of April I’ve been adding Insanity workouts into my weekly schedule to see if it would push me to the next level.  Since adding the routine I have seen amazing results!

I am stronger and have taken a minute off of my mile, this without having consistently run in over a year!

Physically I can also slightly see the difference, I don’t actually weigh myself nor did I take measurements.  I also didn’t follow the Insanity diet plan.

Before:  After(please ignore the bathroom stuff):Before:After:After:I have one more week of exercises left and will take a recovery week, and then it’s time to dig deeper with Asylum, the insanity sequel.

While I’ve heard Asylum is CRAZY, I’m pumped, mostly because it’s only a 30 day program.  With the shorter time frame I’m really going to try to stay on their timeline.  That said I’m also going to take my first Crossfit class in the first week of August, so we’ll see how I’m able to balance everything out.  I doubt I’ll become a Crossfit junkie because of the $$, but who knows, maybe I’ll be hooked after the first class.  If the latter is the case then I’ll have to reevaluate my training plan.

BUT  I know with Crossfit I would not only be doing 2 pullups, I would be rocking the kipping version, just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive. I would also prefer Crossfit because it incorporates more strength, one aspect that I missed with insanity and tried to add in when I had the time.  We shall see, I’ll keep you updated!!