Was a huge success!  Firefly music festival was a blast and with a few minor hiccups with exit strategies after the Killers on Saturday, I would say the weekend went off without a hitch!!  I would be surprised if they didn’t return next year with a bigger/better lineup.

But backing up a bit we headed out of the city early Friday morning via Newark to pick up our car rental.  The agent must have fancied us because he gave us a free upgrade which included USB connections so we could hook up our iPods-we were going to a music festival after all!  This also ended up working out well and gave me a means to charge my phone over the weekend.

About 4 hours later (thanks to the rain, construction, accidents, and congestion) we made it to Dover, De. Checked in for camping.

Pitched our tent.

Put on our rain boots.

And headed for the festival.  We arrived in time for Ok Go who were actually on stage a bit early.

Loved this guy’s shirt!

From the Lawn stage it was over to the Firefly stage, the main stage (in total there were 4) for John Legend.  The festival was divided into 2 sections by a small wooded area with 2 stages on each side.  It was a great use of space, again I was really impressed.

John Legend had me in such a happy place throughout his entire set.

After Legend we were ready to dance with Bassnectar.  So much fun!

The night ended with Jack White who was just amazing, even in the rain :).

I never realized how much he resembles Johnny Depp.Wooded area at night, so colorful and tranquil. Day 2 and 3 to come.