Hey Bloggies,
Welcome to Monday morning hope you had a great weekend!  I spent mine in the country, well as country as I’ve been in a long long time!  I met up with my mother Friday afternoon in order to drive to Bethel, Pa to see my sister her summer camp’s musical.  I was seriously impressed with their performance of Seussical, given that they had only been at camp for a week!

After the performance my sister had her cast party so my mom and I headed back to our hotel, and with some reluctance went to the adjacent diner.  After seeing so many Restaurant Impossible episodes with failing diners we were much more weary about not just the taste of food but the appearance of kitchens.  But quickly looking at online reviews for the Midway Diner (most great), we decided to check it out.  And, it was pretty good.

I would recommend as a decent place to check out if you ever need to be in Bethel or Midway, Pa or in passing to Harrisburg.

The first night I stuck with eggs and a garden salad, and ended up getting a piece of chocolate peanut cake which was heaven.  The second night we went back again, because it was late and no other diner looked worth checking out.  This time I ordered the roasted turkey with stuffing and 3 vegetables.  It was definitely diner food, but also delicious, minus the canned corn and string beans which I skipped.

I did however, enjoy the rolls with butter.  White rolls with butter never tasted so good.  My mother’s mother used to buy these all the time but I can’t remember the last time I ate overly processed bread.

Saturday morning we went and picked up my sister from her camp.

And spent the early afternoon doing a little hiking.

We were popped and starved by the time we got back to the car.  After a late lunch we wandered around Cabela’s (the outdoor gear mega-house) and I marveled at all the camping equipment.  After camping at last week’s festival I’m kinda obsessed.

Also came across this weird doll-interesting.  Well, actually somewhat scary, he had the brightest green eyes.

We had originally planned on hitting up Hershey Park that night and the next day, but my sister was exhausted after staying up til 3 am for her cast party and turning around and getting back up at 7am. The forecast was also calling for 1 inch hail, so instead we decided to do a little outlet shopping and visit Chocolate World.

Sunday morning we were at the park for opening and ran to Skyrush, Hershey’s latest coaster.

The thing was intense!! But so much fun.  It also seemed to keep the crowd. While we had to wait in line for 60 minutes to ride, everything else including other coasters had non existent lines.

We called it an early park day and left a little after 5pm so my sister could make it to her youth group and I start my journey back to New York.

Evening skyline of Philadelphia.

I made it back to NYC a little after 11 and had the best night of sleep thanks to the crash from all the sugar consumed over the weekend and days spent in the sun.  Now it’s back to reality, re-hydrating, and a long run which I’m really looking forward to this evening.  Oh and writing-eeek.