Hey Bloggies,
Took the last few days off to buckle down and get some much needed writing done, have a bunch more to do, but I’m making progress.  The pup was rather sick this week as well, and caring for her took most of my attention on Wednesday.

But, I had to pop in to share photos from part 1 of Rupa’s wedding ceremony-the Mehndi party.  I arrived around 5pm, about 1.5 hours after Rupa started to get her mehndi done and caught her finished with hand one, but just starting up the arm.

I watched for a bit and then grabbed dinner.  I sampled a few different things, don’t ask me the names because I don’t remember, but they were delish!

Around 6 they were on to arm #2.

Around 7, maybe a little after she walked out with both arms and feet complete!

Can you see the bride and groom kissing?  There are also the groom’s initials somewhere in the drawings. As one of the wedding games, on the first night of marriage he’s suppose to find them 🙂

After Rupa finished up I got my hand done 🙂

Ok, running the pup out once more, doing some reading, and then crashing.  I HAVE to get up and do a morning run because a)my runs have sucked lately and b)there will be no other time to do so tomorrow.