How is it already Wednesday?!?! I’m so behind in blogging.

Ok, so we left off with dancing the night away and passing out extremely late!  I said goodbye to the cousins Saturday afternoon and proceeded to lounged around the apartment until it was time to get ready for Rupa’s wedding reception a few hours later.

The reception was held at the World Fair Marina in Central Park.  It seemed like a simple enough commute, the F to the 7, the same as going to the US Open.  Well, I didn’t notice the part in the directions that mentioned a 25 minute walk from the subway stop that included crossing a highway…

in heels…

Hhmm, I think Christine said something funny here…or was it something about us walking in glass?

at least the view was beautiful once we made it to the waterfront.

And 15 minutes later, to the venue!

Thankfully it was time to eat, I was HUNGRY! This turned out to just be the appetizers, but there was so much amazingness I sampled everything and called it my dinner.

Thankfully I wasn’t the only one limiting self control…We then moved inside, away from the awful mosquitoes and to see the bride and groom be presented to guest as a married couple!!After a few speeches from family and friends we were entertained by belly and bhangra dancers…and those who wanted to join in the fun.

The couple’s first dance:

How beautiful is the bride!!  Thanks Rupa sharing this experience with me!