I’ve emerged from my writing cloud, not that I’m done yet, but I’m at a good place and emailed my first draft to be torn apart, and have moved on to a few less daunting pieces.

Taking a break, let’s revisit my summer bucketlist.

-go to an amusement park (check, Hershey)

-picnic in central park (check, picnic during Philharmonic Concert-and as evident by my black label kombucha)

-outdoor concert (check with the above)

-outdoor dance performance (not yet 😦 )

-BBQ in my patio area (check)

-increase my running mileage to 8 miles (aim to do this weekend)

-see fireworks (check-lots of them!)

-night boat cruise (check)

-outdoor happy hour (check, though could have done more 😉 )

-go to the beach (check)

-attend a music festival (check, Firefly)

-read 6 non-science books (ah, why was I so ambitious here, writing and reading nonscience books!!!…I’m currently working on books 3 and 4, should have 5 done…6 is going to be pushing it!!)

-get fellowship applications together (almost there)

-write introduction and conclusion of thesis and have a decent outline of the in between (ahh, thankfully this went along with the fellowship application, both have been started but not in there ready to submit form)

Did you create a summer bucketlist?  If so did you accomplish all you hoped?

Even if I don’t get to that dance performance, this was an incredible summer and I wouldn’t changed a thing about it!