Now that I’ve finally entered the 21st century and bought a smart phone my regular camera often takes the backseat.  Actually in the case of last weekend, I’ve lived more in the moment and not through a lens.  Though I’m sad I forgot to snap a few photos of Ryan’s dinner last Sunday, as always it was delicious and the company even better!

But thanks to my iphone I captured Wednesday’s dinner, CSA potatoes with a pesto sauce, squash, string beans, and fish-

Otherwise, my photos (and thus life?) are so completely random:

Jorge’s cupcake in the face as he celebrated his 27th birthday-

Catching Ryan intently going for food-

Obsessed with little kids, especially those who can’t wait to run up to a huge Hershey’s kiss-

Always ready for a wine tasting, not 100% sure why I took this photo.  Though I do love dropping into local shops for wine tastings-

Eyeing up the growing food truck scene in NYC-

All very random, but its Friday, what more can you ask for!