Hey Bloggies,

Another fun and jammed pack weekend.  As noted by me making friends with a horse on Friday night-

Saturday I met up with my mom and sister to check out summer streets.  We caught the end of the events and kept to the Whole Foods Picnic area, where we grabbed our share of free food samples!I decided the morning would be a little tour of some of my favorite market places including Eataly and Chelsea Market.After picking up a few goods from Chelsea Market we grabbed food from Ronnybrook Dairy, which makes the best sandwiches seriously!! I randomly went there a couple of years ago to grab an ice cream cone but left with a sandwich instead.  I’ve been hooked ever since and have yet to have their ice cream!  Chelsea Market was a little crowded for me so we took our sandwiches and ate on the Highline where we met up with Ryan.I had not been to the Highline since they expanded to just about 34th st.  It’s beautiful and the day could not have been more perfect.I love how several apartment renters have added little twist to their windows and balconies to give the Highline additional charm. Sunday I enjoyed the cooler weather with a run with the pup to central park.  After a 3 mile run she was still all energy and proceeded to bark nonstop while I played a catch football came with others.  Thank you Mei for being such an enthusiastic cheerleader.

In the evening I went to Ryan’s for dinner. It was one of those there are lots of vegetables in the refrigerator what should we make kinda nights.

I’ve been wanting to try out a beet/carrot based pasta sauce that I’ve come across a few times on the internet.  He had both beets and carrots so that’s what we made.

Along with a kale salad-With cucumbers, peaches, sweet peppers, and blue cheese with a lemon olive oil dressing-The sauce, though not tomato sauce, was really nice and a great alternative to traditional pasta sauces (especially if you have a tomato allergy!).And you can’t beat (haha, I made a pun) the color!!  Everything became a deep pink in just seconds.

After making the sauce we threw in some other summer vegetables including more kale, squash and string beans.  I’m pretty sure I got all of my vegetable servings for the day in during this meal alone.  How do people not like vegetables!?!? I mean come on, so much versaltitly and the flavors here, ahhh, so good.Laters,