Happy Friday!

Where is the summer going!!! One more full week before the unofficial end of summer, ahhh.  But no worries, its going to be one heck of a week with a trip out to the Poconos this weekend, US Open next week, and a trip to LI next weekend. Seriously, I’m not going to complain.

And with August coming to a close the weather is finally starting to cool down which means bearable runs, especially in the evening.  This week Ryan really pushed my booty during our 7ish mile run.  I can run 7 miles, but running the last half of that at an 8:30 or so was a challenge-but the only way to get faster is to run faster so I look forward to our next run.

After running we went to The Fat Radish for dinner. We started with the house wine-I argued it was necessary to relax my muscles after the run, and a plate of seasoned radishes (PS back to iphone photos).

We then split the Coronation Chicken Lettuce Wraps-

The Sweet Pea Summer Pie-

And for the entree the Green Curried Monkfish, which had a nice little kick to it-

Everything was incredible!  And although dining late the place was packed.  We were able to get a seat at the common table in the front and keep it to ourselves for the entire meal.

Well, one of the Olsen twins was offered it as a seating option but she declined.  I went my entire time at NYU without seeing either and then she’s randomly offered to sit at my table.  I would say that’s interesting but my freshman year at NYU I ended up sitting at a common table with Kal Penn in a chinese restaurant in Chinatown.

Off to enjoy my weekend,