After spending the last few weeks writing away and knowing that I have several weeks of longer days and bench work coming up, I’ve spent the last couple of days being rather lazy and enjoying the sunny warm weather.

As usual that means a couple of days at the US Open.

And spend some quality time with my little cousin.Lunch=veggie sandwich from the sustainable stand.  I ate about 3/4 of this and was stuffed! And I thought at $12 it was reasonable priced given that its a)NYC and b)the US Open.

I loved this match with Sloan Stephens.  I caught her game last year as well and it was incredible to see how she’s matured as a player.Wednesday, I made my way to the new Rachel Ray Studio in Chelsea to meet up with Sarah and Amanda for a taping of the Rachel Ray show.

We walked away without any freebees but the warm up guy was actually pretty entertaining and Michelle Obama was the guest!!!

After a rather long taping, we made our way to Westville for a late lunch. I ordered 4 sides for $14 which included the tofu, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, and sweet potato fries, which I devoured in minutes, I was sooo hungry!

Today is a day of work, then I’m off until Monday!!  Yay long weekends…boo the coming of fall :(.