Hey Bloggies,

The unofficial end of summer has come, but again I’m not going to complain, too much ;), because I ended summer with a bang!  I’ll recap through the week, in part because I left my camera in a restaurant and need to collect it from Ryan, but there is also a lot to recap. I also want to steal pictures from Ryan and need to wait until he sorts through his photos.

So I was going to dedicate this post to Labor Day and Mei’s birthday celebration (iphone pictures), but I’ll save that for tomorrow or tonight depending on timing. Today I want to talk about motivation and new beginnings.

Even as an adult I’m excited to return to work after Labor Day.  It’s like being a kid in school and being nervous or anxious about the first day of school.  I think it helps because I am still a student, just to a different degree.  It also helps that my school is pretty dead the last week of August, in part due to grant deadlines approaching and people hiding away to furiously write, and those not writing are away enjoying the last week of summer before they return to their experiments. Though I should have been doing the former I couldn’t help but to take the relaxing approach, besides who knows where I will be next year and I probably won’t have that as an option.

Today, everyone was back into work mode, and the packed elevator to my lab floor was surely evidence of the return to work. As such I will be writing today!  What better motivation to work than a)your boss returning and b) the campus a buzz with great minds excited to return to their lab benches (at least that’s what I like to pretend).

I’ve also been slacking the last couple of months with my weeks and at the same time letting myself enjoy great meals and drinks.  While I don’t really mind the latter, I mean this is in part a food blog (the key is moderation), I need to get back into gear with the workouts. So what motivations do I look for to get my booty moving?

1. Tough Mudder-46 days away!  While I’ve been increasing my running during the summer I think I lost a bit in the way of strength.  My core is still amazing! I mean I could easily hold a plank for 3-5 minutes, but I think I’m further away from doing a pull-up than I was in the beginning of summer.  I WILL DO 2 PULLUPS by the time tough mudder comes around!

2. Running with friends-makes me faster and its harder to back out of a run when it’s with someone else.

3. Music-a good beat gives me extra energy.

4. This dress, I want to rock this dress for the holidays.

5. Showing you guys my schedule!



Tuesday-Insanity and 4 mi run

Wednesday-spin and pilates

Thursday-day of travel (rest day)


Saturday-Long run (8-10 miles depending on how many hills I encounter)