Here it is another Saturday and I’m still talking about last Saturday!  Well, I’m currently in Pullman, Washington trying to keep myself awake (I’m still on eastcoast time and back in New York it would be 2:30 am) before needing to return to finish up work in a collaborators lab and what better way to spend my time than updating the blog :).  I’ll get to my time in Pullman soon…as in before next Saturday.

So, on to last weekend. As I left you last, I was on my way to meeting Ryan and his parents for a weekend of wine tasting and exploration in Long Island.

I just spent a few minutes looking through all of Ryan’s photos from the weekend and there were so many beautiful pictures, and along with my own I thought they would be better placed in a slideshow.

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Saturday we visited 4 wineries in the order of Paumanok,, Macari, Shinn, and Pindar.  Macari and Shinn were our favorites and we walked away with wine from both.  Shinn in particular had quite a few unique blends including a pear cider and a white blend, Coalescence, that were very pleasing to the palate, especially on a nice summer afternoon.

After our 4th winery we took a stroll along the beach and relaxed before heading over to Greenport for dinner at Noah’s.  We ordered several dishes to split among the table including crab tacos:

scallop ceveche:

beet risotto:


bbq duck with polenta:

and a seafood bouillabaisse:

Everything we ordered was delicous, but I must say the service could have been better.  We waited for about 15 minutes for a table when there were plenty of empty tables available upon our arrival.  The waitstaff and busboys also seemed to have a few issues multitasking.

For dessert we grabbed a few sweet treats from the bakery next door.

Sunday we slept-in, had a late breakfast, and took a tour of a Vanderbilt house and grounds. And then it was back to New York City for more wine!  Details to come…