I’m so proud that even with traveling from coast to coast this past week I was able to keep to my schedule for the most part, well with some days switched around.  On Tuesday my 4 mile run became a 3 mile run, Wednesday I went with 30 minutes of insanity and pilates instead of spin and pilates, Thursday I went for a 3.5 mi hike instead of a rest day, Friday I did 45 minutes of yoga, and Saturday the high was 95* and after working until after 2am there was no way I was getting up first thing in the morning so I did an afternoon session of insanity.

View from Thursday’s hike:

This week I’m planning on…

Sunday-5 mi hilly run

Monday-run or insanity depending on how my legs feel after Sunday

Tuesday-Yoga or pilates

Wednesday-Spin and/or insanity

Thursday-8 mi run

Friday-rock climbing?