I couldn’t quite get out of bed this morning but really wanted to get in an insanity workout. I quickly did the math in my head and figured I could fit it in and make it into lab just in time for our morning meeting.  I ended up running around like a mad woman towards the end, hopping into the shower, getting dressed ect., and was still 15 minutes late, so I thought.  It turned out I was 15 minutes early and had time for a quick chat with my boss. Love when time goes my way!!

I’m also fully embracing the coming of fall today.  My crisp evening walks with the pup, pumpkin ale, and apples…well, I’m loving it all.  Here are a few recipes that I’m hoping to make this season.

Apple pizza-sweet apples and gouda cheese, plus no tomatoes, this pizza is calling my name!

Salted caramel apple hand pie-I don’t think I’ve ever made an apple pie, that needs to change.

Apple pie ice cream-apple pie and ice cream in one.

Pumpkin chocolate chip ice cream-It’s funny, I go through phases.  A few years ago it was cookies, then cake and cupcakes, now it’s definitely ice cream and frozen yogurt.

These pumpkin cinnamon rolls also look heavenly!

And to end on a savory note, butternut squash mac n’cheese.

One more day until the weekend!