I’m alive!  And so much to catch up on, it’s been a crazy wonderful ride over the last week!!

Let’s start off by backing up to last weekend.  I had originally planned on going up to Boston to visit a few friends, but needed to get my fellowship application in a ready to submit form. I indeed did end up writing for most of Saturday.  I did however, fit in a great deal of fun between writing.

Friday night I met up with Ryan for a final summer stroll through Central Park with Mei, who had fun climbing up a tree.

We covered a fair amount of ground and headed back towards my apartment to drop off the dog as the sun set.

For dinner we decided to try and see if there was seating available at Flex mussels, its was 8:30/9pm on a Friday night, but we thought we would try our luck.  Apparently luck was on our side that night.  We arrived and were told it would be a 30 minutes wait.  While we pulled out our phones and thought about alternatives in the area the hostess came out and told use she had room for 2 at the bar-lucky strike #1.

Then while perusing the menu the bartender was making drinks for a waiter who was standing next to Ryan at the bar.  Somehow the bartender ended up spraying Ryan and myself with prosecco, and ended up getting some in Ryan’s eye. Seemingly unlucky, but it got us a free round of drinks!  Which we enjoyed with a creamy mussel, potato, and leek chowder.

We then ordered and planned to split the Mediterranean mussels; however, they ended up having tomatoes in the sauce despite no mention on the menu.  D’uh, why didn’t I think to ask, it was a Mediterranean base. The bartender, who was also acting as our waiter, was incredibly apologetic and had out another potful with the Dijon base in record time.

However, while making our way through the mussels we realized our vegetables were missing.  Again the bartender apologized had them out in minutes and gave us another round of drinks.

While I was basically stuffed at this point we were thankful for the hospitality of the bartender who clearly was working very hard.  Plus he was describing their acclaimed doughnuts in such great detail we felt nearly obligated to order a few.  We went with the cinnamon sugar, fluffernutter (because Ryan had never had fluff and pb growing up), salted caramel, and s’mores.

These were delicious and despite my full stomach I devoured nearly all of my portion. I mean you seriously need to go now, they were that good!

We then, thankfully, had a nice long walk back to get home to aid in digestion.

More to come,