Continuing where I left off…Saturday I spent most of the day writing and made it out to Amanda’s for dinner.  I was originally suppose to make it to her place in the afternoon for a lunchtime BBQ, but things don’t always go as planned.

Sunday I went to brunch with Crissy and Ryan and began discussing plans for our friend’s upcoming baby shower. Then Ryan and I headed to the Frick Collection which we passed on the way to Central Park on Friday.  There are several museums that I have yet to see in New York, and not knowing when my time here will come to an end, I realized I need to start ticking them off my list.

The Frick Collection was amazing, and quite the educational experience. Henry Clay Frick was a huge art collector and had this New York house built with the intention of it becoming a museum to display his collections. Each room and art piece were well thought out, and while I enjoyed the artwork itself, I think my full appreciation of the Frick Collection came from the architecture and the interior design.  I was so intrigued by his thought process and how he decided to group art pieces together and in which rooms.

We then turned from one form of art to another and headed downtown for Poptart’s Crazy Good Summer Concert series at Irving Plaza(free), starring All Star Weekend and Gym Class Heroes.

I had never heard of Allstar Weekend prior to this event but they clearly had lots of fans in the 10-20 year age group, I felt old!!  But their stuff was pretty catchy, I liked “All the Way.”

Then it was time for Gym Class Heroes. I honestly had no idea what to expect from their performance, but I was blown away!  Travie McCoy really got the crowd into the music, engaged often with the audience, was super appreciative of his fans, and even motivational.  There were so many comments thrown in here that I could see being uplifting to a troubled teen.

And because it was hosted by Poptarts we walked away with sugary poptart treats, I’m sure they’ll come in handy at some point.