Man, Monday-Thursday of last week is such a blur, and there was just not enough time in a day.  That said my first fellowship application was submitted and I was able to have a wonderful relaxing weekend.  But I’m getting ahead of myself because on Monday we had a goodbye BBQ for a postdoc in the lab. I ate my full, got 10 mosquito bites (hopefully the last of the season-knock on wood) and went back to writing late into the night.

Tuesday I went to see Michael Kiwanuka in concert.

Before heading to Webster Hall for the show, Ryan and I met up for dinner at Motorino Pizza. We split a green salad (just lettuce and very sad) and an octopus salad (this was the most tender octopus I’ve ever had, not the least bit chewy!!).

For the pizza we had the brussels sprout. It was good, but lacking in sprouts, I like my vegetables!!

We arrived at Webster nice and early and caught the 2 openers Foy Vance and Marcus Foster.  Both were decent in their own right, Marcus Foster has a nice group of 40 year old groupies falling for him:

but I was there for Michael Kiwanuka, the BBC’s Sound of 2012.

And he lived up to my expectations, such a great, soulful voice, and only 24!!