Hey bloggies,

Since Outstanding in the Field was in the Hamptons, Ryan decided to make a weekend out of it and rented a house and invited friends to come along.  That was the best decision ever!  Much more relaxing to enjoy the last few bits at Outstanding and driving just a few minutes to a lovely home than drive all the way back to Manhattan on a full stomach.  He also wanted to spend the weekend barbequing, eating outdoors, and enjoying the company of friends.

The weekend menu went a little like this:


morning-Leek, carrot, pepper, and onion frittata with fruit

lunch-Steak, salmon, roasted potatoes, and grilled brocolli

dinner-bbq chicken, salmon, coleslaw, beet salad, collard greens, grilled peppers, mashed potatoes, and french apple cake for dessert

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brunch-took leftovers and made salmon, egg, and veggie scramble; steak;  salmon salad, and fruit

dinner-at the Clam bar in Montauk