After my semi camping experience at the Firefly Music Festival back in July I had a large urge to do the real camping experience.  The following Tuesday I was expressing my desire to a fellow volunteer at my CSA and he suggested a camping site in the Catskills.  I immediately suggested the idea to a close friend Michelle from high school that I hadn’t seen in nearly 2 years.  Michelle and her husband Josh, love to camp so I knew they would be there!  We selected a date for the end of September and then didn’t really speak much of the trip again.
As of last week I still hadn’t touched base with my friend so I wasn’t sure if the trip was set in stone.  Just as I wrote off the weekend I heard from my friend who was still up for camping.  With that I rented a car and dragged Ryan along for the ride.

It was a gorgeous weekend with the leaves changing and perfect weather for hiking.

And sitting by the fire in the evening.

Saturday it ended up raining a little so we waited it out in the tent and played a few hands of cards.  At which point our puppies were getting restless so we decided to stretch our legs with a little hiking.

After a wrong turn we didn’t make it to the top but it was a decent hike and allowed me to workup an appetite.

Ryan and I were in charge of dinner.  Using our vegetable shares we threw together a red cabbage coleslaw, beet and kale salad, roasted vegetables, and a winter squash mac’n’cheese.

For dessert we made s’mores!  Chocolate was on sale at Whole Foods so I went with the fancy stuff.  The salted toffee made for the best s’more I ever had, so yummy :).

Sunday we attempted another trail; however, after over an hour of straight up we were still about .65 mi away from the top. Ryan and I debated briefly continuing on but decided to head back in order to try and get the rental car back by 7pm.  So we said goodbye to Michelle and Josh and headed down the mountain and to the car.

Best decision ever because as we pulled over to grab lunch a storm rolled in from nowhere.  Within minutes it went from rain, to severe showers, to hail, to larger pieces of hail!! Crazy!  Still waiting to hear from Michelle to see if they were caught in the storm.

Hail made it look like the first snowfall of the year.

After running into a little traffic we made it back to the city, dropped off our things and the pup and grabbed dinner.  After returning the car I was so ready to shower and pass out!  It was a great weekend, but it was also nice to sleep in a bed…I need to bring additional padding next time I camp!

How was your weekend?