Does anyone remember Old Navy’s Performance Fleece commercials from the 90’s?  All I wanted, well one of the things I wanted for Christmas that year was a fleece from Old Navy. I did in fact get one and wore it rather frequently all throughout middle school, not so sure if it made it into the high school rotation of clothing. I’m thinking not because I got two others in high school that I kinda dreaded wearing.  Though they weren’t nearly as cool as the 90s fleece.  That were big and loose…ah wish I could find a picture of me wearing one.

Anyhow, the current commercial reminded me of those from the 90s.  I can’t believe they still have fleece commercials!! Are they still cool? And with Justine Guarini, does the current youth even know him from original American Idol fame?

Ah, I also just realized this is kinda the first Christmas commercialof the year…nooooooo!