This week, unlike last, is flying by, can’t believe it’s already Wednesday! It’s also Wednesday and I haven’t talked about this past weekend which was AMAZING!

Friday I kept it a chill night after a rather hectic and tiring week. But Saturday involved lots of running around, thankfully like most days last week it also seemed rather long, perfect to fit in a busy schedule.

Before heading to the old navy yard in Brooklyn for a tour of King County’s Distillery, we grabbed a quick lunch from Cheeky’s Sandwiches.

I ordered The Grass sandwich which came with winter squash, beets, and goat cheese-which was apparently fried, hence the little fried ball of deliciousness sitting on my plate.

While waiting for our lunch to come out we played a couple rounds of Connect Four, I lost 2 times!! And I had bragged about my winning record :(.

After lunch we headed to Brooklyn and wandered around the Navy Yard while waiting for our tour to begin. I should mention the tour was part of the Open House New York weekend, but they give tours to anyone willing to make the trip to their site.

It was a really interesting tour and I learned so much about New York’s history with liquor production, the recent movement by farmers which has allowed for the production of hard liquor in the state by small distillers, and about King’s County Distillery itself and how it settle on a property at the old Navy Yard.  The distillery was able to open doors in 2010 thanks to the New York State Farm Distillery License, and in this way became the first and thus oldest Whiskey Distillery in New York.

At the end of the tour we were able to sample 3 different products-Moonshine, Bourbon, and a Chocolate Moonshine.

Somehow after the rather large tasting session, though I gave most of my samples to Ryan, we headed back to Manhattan and went for a short run. I was glad to give my legs a stretch after running 7 miles the day before, but it wasn’t easy!!

We then whipped up dinner-I gave another go at my cauliflower pizza base, but forgot the egg (I think I forgot the egg last time too), so it didn’t stick together. But it was yummy.

After dinner it was time to see Raphael Saadiq at the Gramercy Theater as part of the New Yorker Festival.

What a great experience!  The night began with an hour long interview followed by an hour long set (much longer than we anticipated), and included a melody of hits from his Tony, Toni, Tone days during the encore.

After coming off the high from an incredible show we headed uptown to celebrate the birthday of my friend Cassidy.  After dancing for a couple of hours we were ready to pass out and call it a night!

Sunday was also rather laid back and included another run/bootcamp session, pumpkin pancakes, cleaning, and dinner at Fat Radish.

Haha, my head is spinning just reading that post, but what a great weekend!

Catch ya later,