Ah, I had this post already to go and then somehow I lost it…rewritten post are never as good.

In any case, as I said in my last post Tough Mudder was amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to run it again!!  My training with Insanity, running 2-3/week (distances ranging from 3-8 miles), and bootcamp inspired workouts were sufficient to power me through the race.  Moving forward I want to continue strength training and dominate the monkey bars.

After showering and lazing around watching TV, we found a decent restaurant in New Brunswick and went to refuel at Tula Lounge.

We immediately started with a round of drinks to ease our muscles ;), and a few appetizers.

Vegetable Medley:


Lamb meatballs, but not for me:

For my entree I ordered the roast chicken breast but also had a few bites of Ryan’s risotto:

After my amazing chicken dinner at Fat Radish a couple of weeks ago, I had high hopes for this chicken dish, but it was only okay.  It also had a sauce on the bottom that was just extremely salty.

After dinner we went back to the hotel and I crashed until a group decided to bring their party into our hallway at 1:30 am.  2 phone calls later to the front desk and the party dispersed, but I was never able to fully fall back asleep-NOT COOL!

As far as muscle soreness post race, I felt pretty good.  I was silly and didn’t stretch out my muscles at all on Saturday, after the race (I was too cold immediately after and then wanted to eat and sleep). As a result everything was a little tight on Sunday, and I have quite a few bruises on my shins, but by Monday my legs felt great and only my abs hurt a bit when I laughed.

Workouts post Mudder week (week of 10/21/12)


Monday-Walk and insanity (modified) recovery DVD

Tuesday-Walk and salsa

Wednesday-ET and weights


Friday-ET and weights

Saturday-short run