Hey all,

Happy election day, I hope you made it out to vote or plan to do so very soon!  I’m super excited for all of the election media to die down but it does make for very good SNL.

This weekend was about trying to return to normalcy as power was restored in lower Manhattan and trains slowly began to fully function.

After a weekend of dinner, dancing, and brunch it was nice to throw a meal together at home on Sunday evening.  Feeling a little deprived of vegetables we partially restocked Ryan’s refrigerator and put together a dinner of vegetables-roasted asparagus and sweet potatoes, and sauteed swiss chard, onions, and peppers. Oooh, so wish I was eating this meal again, my dinner tonight was also lacking in vegetables without my CSA delivery last week.

Along with dinner we enjoyed what I assume to be some of the last pumpkin flavored items of the season.

Chatoe Rogue Pumpkin ale-made with real pumpkins from Oregon, this beer was delicious!!

Followed by a perfectly spiced pumpkin ice cream.

Catch ya later,