Ok, and so I continue with the eats!

Let’s see, where did I leave off…

Wednesday morning the group took a short ride to the town of Moron where we had lunch at Redonda Restaurant, which was set on a little lake.

Cuban cola:

For our meal we were given the option of fish, fried chicken, or beef…and I went with the…?

Fish :)!

Dinner that evening was also in Moron at Don Papa Restaurant where we were treated to a pig roast, though I have to admit I wasn’t really feeling pork that night and kept to a small meal of yuca and vegetables, and ice cream of course ;).

Lunch on Thanksgiving was pizza from Dino’s pizza.  This was delicious, I was quite impressed.  Though it might have just been nice to have a change from meat and rice.

For our Thanksgiving dinner we were back in Havana and ate at the fancy restaurant in Hotel Nacional:

And were surprised with a nice Cuban Thanksgiving dinner of fresh fruit,

turkey with gravy, cabbage salad, and potatoes,

and tiramisu for dessert.

Friday morning we started our day out with a tour of a Cuban rum factory.

The smells from the barreling room were incredible!

But unfortunately we were unable to bring any bottles home, which was a shame because they were so cheap; however, we were able to have a small sample.  I selected the chocolate liquor to continue the chocolate theme of the trip.  It was incredible, strong chocolate taste, smooth, and the alcohol wasn’t too intense.

There was also a little cafe next to the rum shop. Our factory tour guide recommended the flaming cappuccino which was made using the Cacao liquor I had just sampled.  In addition to providing a few minutes of entertainment the coffee was also quite good.  I only had a sip and kinda wish despite being rich and decadent that I had gotten a cup of my own.  I mean how many times am I going to be in a rum factory in Cuba?

We had lunch in old Havana and a little Italian restaurant, La Dominica.

Unfortunately for me that meant eating around the tomatoes on my salad plate:

And plain pasta-which was actually pretty yummy once I added some olive oil. Plus it was a treat because I would never eat a plate of straight up pasta at home.

And then because it there I had dessert!  And while I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the offerings of this particular restaurant every bite I put into my mouth was delicious and was probably one of my favorite meals during the trip.

They also had a wonderful espresso:

Our final meal was in Miramar at 3ra y 8 (did I write that correctly?).

We were greeted by waiters in Santa hats offering a sweet sangria, and I mean sweet!

And because I was starving at this point (my pasta did not have staying power), I nibbled on the crackers, rolls and hush puppy like things while waiting for my main course.

On this final night we had the options of lobster(!), shrimp, or fish in either a chile (tomato :() sauce, or grilled.  I went with grilled shrimp which was served with mashed potatoes, rice, and a small salad.

All in all, while excited to return to my own cooking, the dining in experience during my trip was pretty good with our guides providing as many meal options as possible.  In my mind I ate nothing but pork, chicken, rice and beans, but in reality we had several fish options during the week-which I found surprising.  I can’t imagine how much it must cost to import all that fish!

Random facts of the week:

# of mojitos-3

# of pina coldas-2

# of chocolate desserts-6

# of fish meals-5