Hey all-

So I knew my schedule while in Cuba would be pretty tight, days running from about 7/7:30 am-8-10:30 pm, so I had to get a little creative with my workouts.  I had originally hoped to run a few mornings and even found a couple of other girls who expressed interest in running in the mornings; however, a few hours into the city and my eyes were forever dry and itchy.  I quickly scratched any plans on running not wanting to aggravate my allergies any further.

Thankfully I had my own room throughout the trip and was able to bang out some form of activity 6 of the 8 days we were in Cuba.  Using just my body weight and a resistance band I was able to workup quite the sweat.  2 of the days I stretched out and worked on my core with Pilates moves, the other days involved plyometric moves set up in a circuit.

To give an example my Sunday morning my workout looked something like this:

Warm up

15 side burpees

10 diver bombs

20 jump lunges

20 squats

10 reverse pull ups

20 tuck jumps

Repeat 3x for time

Hold plank for 30 sec, side plank 15 sec each side


More than anything the workouts helped to keep me sane during the trip which otherwise included lots of sitting, drinking, and eating.  How do you keep moving during vacations or time from home?