Hey Bloggies,

I don’t have much on my wish list this year, I’m just happy to spend time with friends, family, and loved ones…but in case someone needs some ideas ;).

1. Voltaic III Women’s Running Shoes-How cute are these sneakers.  I’ve been looking for a fun sneaker, for running and play.

2. GapFit leggings-I’m in need of some warmer running clothing.


3. A new handbag-I have an interview (fingers crossed a couple more) in January and would love a more professional bag to take with me.

4. I’m always a fan of Cookbooks…2 of this year’s top sellers.

5. Exhale gift card-I loved taking the bar method class this spring but cut back to save money, I would love to take a few more classes.

6. FashionABLE scarfs-and finally I love these scarfs AND the company works to provide sustainable business for women in Ethiopa.

What are you giving this season?