Hey guys,

I’m back, not 100% how regularly right now as I juggle lab and life but I missed you guys!  So much to recap on, including Cuba, but one thing at a time.

This first Friday of the new year, I’ll start with a recap of my blogging break according to my iPhone…

Visit to the Natural History Museum with Ryan to see the origami Christmas tree.

I love Christmas trees in all shapes and forms, but mostly planned the visit for Ryan since I’ve seen the tree before. Well I was pleasantly pleased to see that the tree was decorated differently.  The theme this year was collections. As in a group of giraffes= a “tower of giraffes”, a “murder of ravens,” or a “cackle of hyenas,” etc.

Followed by a visit to Lincoln Center to see their Christmas tree:

Lunch and dessert at Bouchon:

A visit to Dyker Heights to see the neighborhood’s light displays, and boy do some houses go all out!

Do you see Ryan in this one?

Play sessions and photo shoots with Mei:

Celebrating my sister’s 16th birthday, where did the time go!!

Celebrating Christmas in Florida-Magic Kingdom/Universal:

Enjoying a Butterbeer at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

Enjoying a nice glass of red wine back in New York:

And hot chocolate from the City Bakery:

And I’ll leave you with what I’ve bookmarked/pinned this week:

2 ingredient brownies-I still have a little sweet tooth from a month of treats, need to wean myself off once again.  I think this recipe might do the trick ;).

Loaded Baked Potato Soup-potatoes laying around+cold weekend=make soup!


Catch you soon,