Hey all,

Hope you’re having a great week!

Since I’m still in the mindset of New Year’s and resolutions, I thought I would talk about my workouts lately.  Not to mention workouts haven’t been a highlight of the blog since Tough Mudder, and right now they’re looking a little different.  I’ve definitely shifted from long cardio sessions, to 30-45 minute plyometric routines with 10-15 minutes of stretching and pilates.  I got into this pattern while in Cuba and based my workouts on Insanity, Bodyrock.tv, and Zuzka Light.

Since coming back from Disney I’ve gotten back to spin classes, running, etc. to work off some of those holiday cookies, pies, and cake, but I think these shorter sessions will be where it’s at until I write my thesis.  Plus it gives me more time to spend with my love ones-I will always have a place for long mindless runs where my thoughts can wander but I also love getting the job done quickly with a good sweat and it incorporates strength, win win!!

So, what does my home gym look like given that I live in a Manhattan apartment?

-a jump rope



-resistance band

-yoga mat

-dish rags

Ok so the jump rope, pretty obvious, provides a great means for cardio (high knees, jumping jacks, but kicks, etc work as well).  The resistance band, weights, and sandbag all provide great means for strength training, with hand weights being my last go to, at least at home because 5 pounders don’t really do it for me these days.

The sandbag is great and I would say is a must have for anyone working out at home and wants a versatile product.  It can be used to replace a kettle ball or weighted bar, and has the additional benefit of being able to change weight. It comes with 2 bags that you fill with sand and place into the bag you see above.  For arm swings I usually just one, which I think equals about 10 pounds. For squats, cleans, shoulder presses, etc I’ll use both bags and just recently added more sand to increase my weight.

I also love the sandbag because you can bring it with you on travels.  For example, take out the inside bags which you leave at home.  When you get to your destination replace with sand from the beach of buy a couple of jugs and place them in the bag.  As a bonus the bag becomes a means to bring home extra souvenirs ;).

Yoga mat also pretty obvious and doesn’t require a description.  The dish clothes on the other hand…great for ab work, ham strings, anything that would involve sliding.

That said I scribble down a set of workouts for circuit routine, set a timer so I can repeat in the future and try to beat my time and go!

Sometimes I even write little pictures to remind myself of the workout, aren’t they cute ;).

And just to note, I’m not a trained professional but I wanted to share what I’ve been loving lately.