Hey all,

I finally had the chance to upload the remaining photos from my trip to Napa Valley last weekend. It was an amazing weekend and I love reliving it through this post.

Saturday morning I was up bright and early, perhaps still on east coast time…I also feel like I never really get tired while on vacation.  I used my extra energy and headed to the hotel gym for a quick sweat sessions, a little stationary bike (heavy interval training for 20 minutes) and then about 15-20 minutes of circuit work with weights.

We grabbed a couple of pastries and headed to our first wine tasting of the day (10:30 am!) at St. Helena’s winery.  This was a great place to start our day.  The wines were all OUTSTANDING and the sommelier was incredibly knowledgeable about the region’s history and offered great recommendations for other wineries to visit and restaurants to dine.

We had a bit of time to kill before lunch so we looked up a few wineries Ryan had starred and decided on Frank Family Vineyards.

The wine was ok, but I enjoyed the outdoor seating and soaking up the sun.

For lunch Ryan made reservations at Solbar – Solage Calistoga.  The outdoor seating area was wonderful and I had my fingers crossed that we would be able to eat by the fire.  Unfortunately the area was closed so we kept indoors.

I loved, loved, loved this menu.  Very creative dishes that were separated into columns based on their healthiness.  Walking in I had my eyes on baskets of fries and didn’t hesitate to order some to share with Ryan.

For my main I went “healthy” with the vegetable and goat cheese wrap.

Ryan went back and forth but went with the Cuban sandwich.  In the end we traded halves. But apparently I didn’t snap a photo of his.

Everything was delicious and I was stuffed!!! Rather than head to another vineyard we decided to take advantage of the resort’s bocce ball area.  So fun :).

Next winery on the list was Faila.  We arrived a little early and relaxed on their rocking chairs and watching the woodpeckers.

We ended up touring the caves during the wine tasting-I think Ryan has pictures, I’ll have to get some from him.  Again lots of delicious wines and the caves were beautiful, also a first for me, I’ve never been in caves for wine barreling.

The last vineyard on the list was Mumm-a sparkling wine vineyard.

We ordered a sparkling rose and pinor noir, I’ve never had the latter and was dying to try!

The best part, we got to watch the sunset!

After going back to the hotel and taking a short nap we, well Ryan was ready for dinner.  I was stuffed after a day of wine tasting (no drinking) and a big lunch.  But in the end I still eat a decent sized dinner and was thankful that we decided to walk to and from the restaurant from our hotel.

For dinner we ate at Angele.

I started with a blood orange tea, partly to add in digestion and partially out of curiosity, it didn’t exactly well didn’t taste like a blood orange, and was more flower like than fruit like.

Oh and that accompanying cookie, delightful :).

We split the french onion soup

and for my main course Ryan ordered the roasted duck for himself

and kumbucha squash ravioli for me. This was the perfect meal which I ate about half and gave the rest to Ryan.  It wasn’t too heavy and the squash flavor was well accompanied by the light sauce with pumpkin seeds.

One more day to recap, but this post was getting a bit long.