After a day of drinking I was ready for a day or two of activity.  Which is exactly what we did!  Such beautiful and varied terrain.

Dinner on Sunday after a long day hike was at Oenotri. Loved this place! Well honestly just about everything I ate that weekend was incredible.

We ordered a non tomato based pizza and veggie heavy salad to start,

I also had several sips of Ryan’s apple cider.

This one was really good, I need to look out for it at Whole Foods.

To finish we split the lamb, I was stuffed at this point and the lamb was only ok so I only had a couple of bites.  The lentils, however, were perfectly cooked and I had several spoonfuls.

Our hike on Monday was just a morning hike so we grabbed lunch from Gott’s before heading back to San Francisco.

I was craving tacos so went with the shrimp tacos and had several of Ryan’s sweet potato french fries.

Ryan had the cheese burger and a rootbeer float.

We headed back to San Fran Monday afternoon and spent our last few hours watching the sunset before heading to the airport for our redeye back to NYC.

Love 🙂