Hey all-

Caitlin posted her 29 before 29 list early this week and between her post and conversation over last Sunday night dinner, I was inspired to do the same. Of course I’ll only be turning 27.  I’m not going to go into how that feels so old because my mom gave me a lecture about that when I thought 26 is old, I look back at my 25 year old self and think, what in the world was I talking about! It helps that the last year has just been amazing kicked started with an early birthday celebration, drinks with friends (one who is now a lot more ;)) and an awesome trip to Costa Rica.

But to round out my 26th year I would like to accomplish a few more items (this also to help keep me in line with the goals I set in the beginning of January).

Before diving into the list, Sunday night’s dinner enjoyed with a conversation about goals and a friend’s 30 before 30 list.

Sunday dinner with Ryan and friends-

We started off with a nice cheese spread

Entree-Chicken pot pie with phyllo dough

The potpie was full of lots of great flavors and included cremini mushrooms, pearl onions (which are a pain in the butt to peel), carrots, a few small potatoes, leeks, celery, and broccoli rabe, probably forgetting something mixed in there…

Dessert-creme brulee grapefruit over ice cream (my idea, Ryan’s execution).

For the grapefruit, cut into wedges (without the white skin).  Lay on baking sheet and sprinkle generously with table sugar. Place sheet under the broiler under grapefruit is darkened (could also use a blow torch).

Okay so 27 before 27:

1. Run more than 5 miles (I haven’t passed this number since the tough mudder.  I leave the actual number up in the air because I’m considering doing another half marathon but haven’t completely decided-need to get on that if its in the works)

2. Graduate!

3. Submit a journal article.

4. Write at least 4 blog post a week.

5. Enjoy a nice bottle of wine over a home cooked meal.

6. Get my nails done.

7. Learn to tango.

8. Do 3 unassisted pullups (by following the training plan).

9. Do a random act of kindness.

10. Go camping.

11. Go for a hike.

12. Make soft pretzels.

13. Clean out my email inbox and write to old friends.

14. Finish reading my half read books sitting on my night stand.

15. Download some suggested readings to read over the summer.

16. Throw out old papers and giveaway old clothes (aka spring cleaning).

17. Complete a coursera class in its entirety and earn a certificate of completion.

18. Drag a friend out of her comfort zone.

19. Go to a music concert.

20. Make a dinner around a new to me ingredient.

21. Start investing money.

22. Budget.

23. Make a five year plan.

24. Get the dog to stop smelling for at least a week at a time (she goes like 2 days after a bath and then stinks again, mmm?)

25. Take a trip out to Queens for museums and food!

26. Find a babycakes cinnamon roll!

27. Make a sweet dessert.