Did you watch the game last night!?!  Ah, the end had me on the edge of my seat, so close, such a good game!

Unfortunately the 49er’s lost :(.

But thankfully the food was a win!

We started with cheesy bread, chips and salsa:

Meatballs and mushrooms in the slow-cooker:

Mexican pizza (salsa verde base with sauteed broccoli rabe and onions):

and coleslaw for good measure.

This coleslaw was amazing and so colorful-a large shredded carrot, a purple cabbage, and 20 brussels sprouts that were thinly cut and briefly sauteed. The vinaigrette was a nice blend of mayo, horseradish mustard, rice vinegar, and honey, so good!

And to wrap up the night (all up around the 121 inch screen!, thanks to a friends projector),

with a cookie cake with vanilla icing (in this ratio-2 cups powdered sugar, 2 tbsp butter, 2 tbsp of milk, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla; well I also added a little jameson for good measure).

This was amazing, a little like a cookie and a little like a cake, delicious!

What was on your menu this Sunday?

Have a great week,